Sound Healing Meditation at Opening & Closing Ceremonies

at Susan G. Komen annual Metastatic Breast Cancer “Truth & Dare” Conference

Susan G. Komen Greater NYC invites you to join us for the New York Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference. In association with our conference partners, we are proud to offer two days of learning, fellowship, pampering and the most current information on treatments, research trials, patient support and national issues related to metastatic/stage IV breast cancer (MBC).

Event Schedule

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Sound & Energy Alchemy Journey October 4th 5:15-630pm Eileen Moran offering sound & Luana De Angelis offering guided meditation

Utilizing live instruments and Reiki coupled w/ meditation, breathwork, and therapeutic oils to create a sonic sensory journey to the deepest recesses of your most divine self. Come back renewed and enjoy a new more creative and powerful YOU! Best of all your ticket benefits someone with cancer! 

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Opening Ceremony Sound Journey with Naia Louise & Eileen Moran at Heartgasm Conference

Chicago, IL | August 11, 2018

Welcome to a unique summertime adventure designed to refresh and revitalize your sensual perspective. One heart-expanding evening of yoga, pleasure activation, healing, music and community, Heartgasm shares the ultimate sex-education (the one you always wish you had).

Explore your relationship to sex and sensuality in an entirely new way with this sacred sexuality workshop fused with social interaction, sound-vibration, partner yoga, and so much more. Hosted by Tara Somers, sexual wellness author, coach and educator, at the beautiful Lakewood event space in downtown Chicago.

In this clothes-on evening you will learn to take sex from boring to blissful with ancient Tantra yoga and Taoist techniques. You'll learn sensual body-hacks designed to increase sex-drive, passion and vitality to create a strong foundation for pleasure.

In addition to sensual ritual, you'll be immersed in the vibrational frequencies of our sound bath by Architects of Experience & Prana Sanctuary, and enjoy acro yoga instructed by Paula Bui. Massage and Reiki therapists will be on-hand to offer you complimentary body and energy work , and a sensual wellness shop in partnership with G Boutique will provide an array of sensual practice tools and accessories to inspire you to start your sensual practice at home. Enjoy mingling among like-minded souls with bites, wine and bubbles and great music before and after the class.

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Sound Energy Alchemy Meditation & CREATION Journey

Reflections Yoga, NYC | August 30, 2018

Members: Sign-up at

Non-Members: contact 646.887.4102

Cost: By donation for Members. Others $20.

Featured Practitioners: Sound therapist Eileen Moran & Sound Artist Jovana Djuric. Eileen provides Guided Meditation, Sound, Reiki, Scents Journey. Jovana is an internationally recognized Visual artist & Sound Artist. Reiki: Elizabeth Lee, Reiki Practitioner

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Eileen Moran Leads a Closing Sound Ceremony for The Alchemists for Puerto Rico Fundraiser

Tribeca Loft, NYC | November 14, 2017

YOU CAN STILL DONATE ON THE "TICKET" PAGE! The spectacular physical event on Nov. 14th is over, but we are still accepting donations for Communitere (, a wonderful organization that has assisted in disaster relief in many locations around the world. They are bringing their uniquely efficient and effective approach to Puerto Rico in the wake of the devastation from Hurricane Maria. Sam Bloch, their award-winning founder, joined us on November 14th at the event to explain more about their vision.



The Alchemists & Zirkova One+Together Vodka invite you inside their temple for an evening of healing, performances, & art to benefit Puerto Rico.

Transcend time with sound healing & ceremony. Surrender space in immersive encounters and therapeutic touch. Behold the beauty of the divine feminine as she surrounds, shifts, & surrenders form.

With DJ David Kiss and master of ceremonies Sapphire Jones.

Performances by Katherine Crockett, Natasha King, Evgeniya Radilova, Luna Love, Roy Davis, Valery Felicity, Ali Luminescent, Tara Quinn, Zeus Zalevskyi...

Healing by Chrysallis Unfurling, Andriana Santiago, Molly Byrnes, John O'Mahoney.

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Sacred Pre Break-Fast End Of Yom Kippur Sound Ceremony

Romemu, NYC| Redeemer Presbyterian Church | September 30th, 2017


We offer Romemu congregants to spend the closing hours of your 24 hours of fasting & praying in a special ceremony of sound & restorative movement to provide support, comfort, release, healing & compassion while we work with the words of Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese”

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Reunion – A Cacao Circle to Reconnect with Your Spirit

Wonderland Loft | Private Loft in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York | March 9, 2017


It's been too long. Since we connected deeply with each other, since we said hello to our souls, since we sang with so much abandon that our hearts learned to feel again. This is about getting back in touch and reconnecting heart-to-heart, remembering our most uphoric selves, and letting go of everything that's in the way.

The journey will include song, dance, and a facilitated ceremony with a whole lot of cacao (aka: chocolate). Through the ages, cacao has been used in ceremonial space as a potent medicine of the heart. In these times, we could use some.

We'll share intentioned, belt out shared songs, forgive and forget our troubles, and hold each other in community and family.

So come one, come all. Everybody's family here.

The cacao we'll be preparing is not just your average chocolate. It's a ceremonial grade cacao from the Guatemalan jungle. Ceremonial Cacao is one of the most complex drinks in the world, containing an estimated 1,200 chemical constituents. We will discuss the benefits of this plant medicine & will drink a specially prepared dose of this cacao that will bring warmth to our spirit, relax our bodies, & open our hearts.

What else to look forward to:

  • Ceremonial Cacao

  • Singing & Live Music

  • Sound Healing

  • Reiki

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Valentine's Eve Heart Opening Couples Cacao Journey in Gramercy Park, NYC

Reflections, Center for Conscious Living & Yoga, New York | February 13, 2017

Join Florencia Fridman & Eileen Moran in a relaxing, euphoric & unifying evening of meditation & yoga for couples facilitated by the gentle energy of ceremonial grade cacao from the Guatemalan jungle. Ceremonial Cacao is one of the most complex drinks in the world, containing an estimated 1,200 chemical constituents. We will discuss the benefits of this plant medicine & will drink a specially prepared dose of this cacao that will bring warmth to our bodies, soften our minds & open our hearts. We will invite you to connect with your heart’s desire, access your inner essence and will be guided to learn yoga- inspired bodywork techniques in reciprocity to deepen your connection with your journey companion (or beloved).


  • Ceremonial Cacao

  • Aromatherapy

  • Heart Activating Vinyasa Yoga Flow

  • Simple Tantric Kriya Pranayama Exercises

  • Straightforward Thai Yoga Massage Techniques

  • Sound Journey

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Ceremonial Cacao Ritual & Conscious Connection in Gramercy Park, NYC

Reflections, Center for Conscious Living & Yoga, New York | February 6, 2017

Ceremonial Cacao Ritual

Join us for an Evening to Delight the Senses

Take away Practical Tools for Conscious Communication

Open Your Heart & Activate your Relationships with Ceremonial Grade Cacao Elixir from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Hosted by Rituals of Awakening & Architects of Experience, join Naia Louise & Eileen Moran, for a very special evening while we drink Guatemalan cacao together in a guided ceremonial setting with music, meditation of the senses and valuable tools in Conscious Communication.

We will plant seeds of conscious union that will lead into trust building sensual exercises to expand your emotional range in relating to your foundational relationship, be it work or intimate, while deepening your connection to the reverence and magic of the Cacao Spirit.

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Deeply Restorative & Heart Opening Cacao Ritual + Acupuncture in SOHO, NYC

WOOM Center New York | October 19, 2016

Join us for a heart opening, blissful evening of ceremonial cacao, artisanal treats, restorative yoga & acupuncture to help restore clarity, tranquility and balance

Open Your Heart

Activate your Euphoria

Restore your Balance with Ceremonial Cacao Elixir from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Hosted by Architects of Experience, join Eileen Moran, Margaret Weinrich, M.S., L.Ac. and Tara McCoy for a very special evening of music, meditation, restorative yoga, acupuncture and drinking Guatemalan cacao in a guided ceremonial setting where we will planting dream seeds in a guided meditation and indulging in sequence of deeply restorative yoga while receiving the additional benefit of acupuncture, a safe time honored healing modality, intended to deepen your ability to experience the art of relaxation, creative visualization and your connection with the reverence and magic of the Cacao Spirit.

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Cacao Ceremony & Astrology :: ♀A Venusian Unveiling♀

WOOM Center New York | October 15, 2016

Tap Into Your Bliss, Tune into Venus & Turn on Your Body with a Ceremonial Cacao Elixir from the Rainforest with Eileen Moran & Cole Lopez

Hosted by Architects of Experience, The 12th House Events & House of Magick NY

Join Eileen Moran & Cole Lopez for a very intimate evening of herbal elixirs, astrology, meditation and movement drinking Guatemalan cacao in a guided ceremonial setting where we will be calling forth each of the 12 Archetypal Expressions of Venus from the Zodiac. We will experience them through the form of our bodies by unveiling her essence through movement and dance. This will be aided with the use of plant medicines that share the same astrological frequency and bloom the heart awake. When we ingest these celestial plant bodies we start to grow that energy within. We start to breath life into that form and initiate an experiential dance with the divine feminine that pulses within each of us.

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Bliss Activation Ceremonial Cacao in Soho NYC

WOOM Center New York | August 27, 2016

Activate your Bliss Chemicals and Turn on your Brain with a Ceremonial Cacao Elixir from the Rainforest.

Join us for a very special evening of music and meditation drinking Guatemalan cacao in a guided ceremonial setting where we will be seeding our intentions and engaging with the gentle and playful Spirit of Cacao.Upon returning from Lake Atitlan Guatemala where we immersed with the local cacao shaman to explore the ceremonial virtues of this drink, we are back to share this reverence and magic with you. Cacao Ceremonies are about communing in a deeper way with our Inner Beings, our Higher Selves and Source. These body and soul nourishing ceremonies help you to access what lays within, tapping into your deep truth and personal freedom. Cacao Spirit is a wonderful facilitator for this work.

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Vibrational Healing Interactive Workshop

Full Circle, Venice Beach, CA | June 4, 2016

Awaking Your Unique Healing Power

This workshop is a journey to invite you to remember your connection to your intrinsic healing nature.

Together we will explore a deep and intuitive harmonic process to synch into your own individual vibration of love that will transform your physical state, activate your energy and tune into your heart’s wisdom.

We will gain practical tools using our bodies in concert with sound blending modalities such as Tai Chi & Hands on Healing techniques to utilize in our daily lives to awaken and expand our capacity to enjoy our lives, be in gratitude & access love a state of consciousness.

We will use the sounds of the Didjeridoo, Bowl Tibetan, Shruti-Box, Djembe, Flutes & The Voice.

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Interactive Essentials in Vibrational Healing Workshop

The Alchemist's Kitchen, New York | March 31, 2016

Learn how to use Vibrational Healing to create a high vibration energy field through sound and body movement that boosts energy flow. Through a process of personal healing, healers can use this knowledge and experience to help themselves & others on their path of healing. Techniques using sound as a mobilizer of the radiant energy field open and activate creative forces oriented to expand, activate and flow with the energy. We will use body movement/dance techniques uncover the inexhaustible source of energy available to activate, nurture and enjoy life. Together, these expand perception leading to a discovery of the harmonious consciousness that lives within. It is through activating this harmonious consciousness that personal wealth, power and freedom manifest. A multidimensional vision of healing as a state of love consciousness is achieved helping us traverse our daily lives with ease and grace.

In this introductory class we will share 10 keys of Vibrational Healing that will awaken the wisdom that guides intuition, instinct and power of nature so the infinite power that dwells in our human nature is expressed fully. Learn to activate the healing energy moving through the body and out the hands. As healers, learn to guide this natural healing energy to help others. The topics are introduced with basic theory and quickly move to experiential and practical application.

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