Architects of Experience Presents
Certificate in Vibrational Healing

Accredited by The Intercultural University of Mexico

With Marcelo Mansour


New York City

Certificate in Vibrational Healing aims to support healers/individuals with personal healing by creating a high vibration energy field through sound and body movement that boosts energy flow.  Through personal healing, healers can use this knowledge and experience to help others on their path of healing.


Techniques using sound as a mobilizer of the radiant energy field open and activate creative forces oriented to expand, activate and flow with the energy.  Body movement/dance techniques uncover the inexhaustible source of energy available to activate, nurture and enjoy life.  Together, these expand perception leading to a discovery of the harmonious consciousness that lives within.  It is through activating this harmonious consciousness that personal wealth, power and freedom manifest.  A multidimensional vision of healing as a state of love consciousness is achieved helping us traverse our daily lives with ease and grace.   

Ongoing healing practices are introduced to align the structure of physical functioning.  These practices awaken the wisdom that guides intuition, instinct and power of nature so the infinite power that dwells in human nature is expressed fully.  T’ai Chi Chuan forms the basis of the energetic movement piece that flows throughout bodywork and dance.  It helps activate the healing energy moving through the body and out the hands.  As healers, learn to guide this natural healing energy to help others.    

The program covers nine (9) topics over nine (9) six to eight hour sessions over the course of 2 years.  A 10th session is offered to assimilate and integrate these techniques into a vibrational healing practice.  All topics are introduced with basic theory and quickly move to experiential and practical application of the techniques.  

No prior music, body movement or knowledge is necessary.



The Ten  (10) topics are:

  1. Space -Time and Vibration 
  2. Silence, Sound and Music 
  3. Matter and Energy Form 
  4. The Creative Process as a Source of Development and Growth: 
  5. Breathing 
  6. Anatomy of subtle physical body 
  7. Assembling the energy fields as a way of healing: 
  8. Couples in pregnancy 
  9. Love as a state of consciousness 
  10. Integrating These Skills into Your Life & Career

1)   Space – Time and Vibration covers:

  • Harmonic Consciousness
  • Healing as a process of expanding consciousness
  • Sensing and recording in present time the energy that inhabits the internal space
  • Exploring and dissolving inhibitors to sensing energy
  • Connecting with our essential nature:  LOVE 
  • Using vibrational sound field and harmonic momentum as guides to expansion, relaxation and intuitive creative expression
  • Opening the internal spaces to integrate polarities and align the dimensions of the very essence of the soul 


2)  Silence, Sound and Music


• Perceived as a rover. Works of creative expression. Connect with abundance and greater openness of conscience. 

• Silence as a dimension of the consciousness: toward the infinite-time, infinite-space and the boundless energy and creativity nutrition available to each of us. 

• Cymatics Science and wave phenomena. Transformed into sound vibration. 

• Contemplation aligned vision and manifestation. 

• Crisis sister. Neither war nor destruction: Transformation. 

• We-other or the inclusion of the other in me. The human being as a musical instrument. 

• Art as an expression of the need. 

• The sounds of nature. Water response. 

• The voice sound like free speech in the body. Sound as a channel to dissolve crystallization and potentially harmful energies. The sound through different cultures. From the sound preventive medicine. 

• Instruments Healers of different ethnicities: Didgeridoo, Tibetan Bowls, Djembe, Shruti   Box, Flutes and The Voice. 

• Your energy use in alignment with the purpose of learning and identify with the longing of the soul, our mission here and now, and the meaning of life. 

• Healers work. The voice as an instrument to mobilize and activate the connection with subtle dimensions in healing action. Rhythm Tai Chi. 


3) Matter and Energy Form


• The art of happy living: the expression of creativity in everyday life. The music of the universe. 

• The human body: Artwork of nature. 

• Everything is Vibration: core and vacuum foundation of the physical world, quarks. 

• Vacuum and rhythm in the body: there is no soundness, We are Vibration. Our electromagnetic field. 

• vibratory fields: their journey through space. 

• Radio waves, light waves, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and sensations traveling through the ether and the law of attraction. 

• What saves us and what makes us sick. What feeds us and what we consume. What we harmonize and what destroys us. 

• The nervous system, a network of incessant electrical activity. 

• Einstein's gravitational field and the General Theory of Relativity, 

• The gravitational field and the structure or geometry of space. 

• Matter and space are interrelated and constitute a single whole: Wholeness. We all are one and one is the space we inhabit. Body, breathing rhythms, beats, air space, infinite time. 

• The particle: a dynamic pattern in the process. 

• Subatomic units and its dual aspect: waves or particles? Quantum Theory, Max Planck, and power packs. 

• How many light photons and light beings. The quantum effect and the solid aspect of the matter. What does this have to do with pain, contractures and disease? Attraction and resistance: like attracts like. Elemental atomic state. 

• Works in conjunction with the subtle essence of the matter. The sound energy as a mobilizing and harmonizing the energy field. Its concrete and subtle presence. 


 4) The Creative Process as a Source of Development and Growth: 


• Creativityis to join the sacred. Dissonance and harmony. We are beings born of harmony and equipped for pleasure, perception and consciousness development for evolution. 

• Intuition: this knowledge that discovers and de-covers. No issue, but to receive. Listen and be heard. 

• Harmony, goodness, pleasure and health. Overcoming Fear, fear, mistrust and resistance. 

• The afterlife and death versus the afterlife and creativity. The gift to create is within us. We are the condensation of the vibration of love and, therefore, are love. The dissonance resolved harmoniously. 

• Chaos as gestation, as the source of all genuine creation. Creative Chaos and pregnancy: full of possibilities floating in empty space-time and looking for a way to configure it. Wave and particle in tune with the channel. 

• The existential angst and its connection with the unspoken essence: the search for an expressive exhalation. Plants processed solar energy, processed human consciousness: that is our power and our commitment. 

• Sacred crisis: a challenge to the ego, a need to expand and move past limiting habits control. A Chinese legend about the creation of Heaven and Earth. 

• Intuition: integration and multidimensional. Guide on the path between light and darkness. Trust, faith and alignment. State of openness, care, sensitivity and commitment: the magic to make visible the invisible, the impossible possible, concrete immaterial. 

• Vacuum-Flying Leap Creative. Evolutionary law in the cosmos and genius: stay present, open, expanded, concrete and connected with the longing of the soul. 

• Action released, word poetry, sound music. Receptive Vision: a genuine understanding of our own wisdom, vibrational expression network. We are transmitting channel: that is our power and commitment. Biomechanics alignment. 

• Creativity and beauty. Creativity Activa. 

• Intuition and Knowledge. Knowledge is the map but not territory, brings information but not the base of the formation. Knowledge and structure. Checking and experience. The truth includes logic, but transcends it. 

• Active Discovery Learning: neither suffering nor repetition. 

• Self confidence. Goodness as brave opening status. Multidimensionality as presence awareness: the conquest of the infinite-time and infinite-space. 

• Work dimensional expansion: space and expansive presence. Vibrational consciousness. Development of expressive power. Energy alignment. The voice. The movement. Tai Chi Chuan. 


 5) Breathing


• Didjeridoo and Energy Field. Its origin and deeper meaning. The Didjeridoo, an ancient instrument. Rituals, Healings, effectiveness check. The bamboo and its teachings: the triumph, a process that takes time and dedication required to learn new habits, change, action and formidable skills of patience. 

• Need for good breathing. The combustion of nutrients. Breathing and anthroposophy. Breathing as a form of power. 

• How to breathe: lung capacity. 

• Check air into the airways. Breathing through the nose or mouth. 

• Breathing and awareness exercises. Observation of breathing. His relationship with relaxation techniques, body awareness and meditation. Breathing and exercise. Deep breath. 

• Respiratory: larynx, vocal cords, voice. Modulation of airflow. The tongue, trachea, bronchi. Bronchioles and alveoli. The lungs. 

• The respiratory cycle and will. Changes in breathing due to psycho-emotional state  and / or age. 

• Symptoms and significance of respiratory diseases. Repeated and similar symptoms. The lung, an organ of elimination. His working relationship with the digestive process. 

• imbalances, excesses and toxic emotions. The worst virus: consumerism, fears, worries and tension. Bronchitis and acute and / or infectious diseases: the fault is only of bacteria or viruses? Detoxification processes. Diets and fasting. 

• The Taoist breathing. The flow and intention. Why is used. Similarities with yoga. When the True Intent emerge. Chi Kung and Tai Chi. Some undesirable practices. 

• Basic Breathing Tanti. Breath of the six doors. Gymnastic techniques. Intercostal breathing. Clavicular breathing. Full breath. 

• Discovery Works power and organic wisdom: presence of body awareness, inner space, potential for expression, support for expansion. The movement as a means of expression and growth in action. Organic Times: align time and space in motion. The opening speech energy grooves and developing the connection with the matrix. Sound group. Expressivity. Intuitive Wisdom. 


 6) Anatomy of subtle physical body


• Farms. Definition, influences on the human body function (physical level). ¿Construction or discordant? 

• Minor Chakras 

• First chakra: Muladhara. Location. Functions. His relationship with the Kundalini. Qualities, organs, correspondence, color, dominant body virtues mantra. Positive characteristics. Improper use. 

• Second chakra: Swadhisthana. Location. Functions. Qualities, organs, correspondence, lightning, color, dominant body virtues mantra. Positive characteristics. Improper use. 

• Third chakra: Manipura. Location. Functions. Qualities, organs, correspondence, lightning, color, dominant body virtues mantra. Improper use. 

• Fourth Chakra: Anahata. Location. Functions. His relationship with the thymus. Qualities, organs, correspondence, lightning, color, dominant body virtues mantra. 

• Fifth chakra: Vishuddha. Location. Functions. Perception of simultaneity of the physical and subtle worlds. Qualities, lightning, color, dominant body virtues mantra. Rejuvenation and longevity. 

• Sixth Chakra: Ajna. Location. The spirit world. Awakening ajna. Functions. Consequences of imbalance. Qualities, organs, correspondence, lightning, color, dominant body virtues mantra. What governs the physical body. 

• Seventh chakra: Sahasrara. Location. When entering operation. The Lotus of a thousand petals. Creating without limits. The presence I am. His awakening in Tantra (union of Shakti and Shiva). Qualities, organs, correspondence, lightning, color, body, virtues mantra. 

• Pairs. 

• interdimensional chakras. Description subtle bodies: etheric body, emotional body, mental body, astral body, etheric body pattern, celestial body, cetérico pattern. The aura. The top personality and transpersonal psychology. His relationship with mysticism. Edward Bach and the healing power of flower essences. Symbolic language: sleep and / or diseases. Towards complete healing. Techniques that encourage contact with the transpersonal self. 

• The medicine wheel. The powers. Medicines. Shields. The seven arrows. The flowering tree. 

• Chinese Medicine: synthesis of philosophy and functioning organs, change and permanence, the Tao, the Tan Tien. Luo Jing. 

• Energy Circulation through body movement. Tai Chi Chuan. Tao Te Ching. 

• Works Sound and harmonic motion: toward further expansion possible. Assembling dynamic basis. Staying in multidimensionality. Sound as protective field. The voice. 

 7) Assembling the energy fields as a way of healing: 

• Intention Healing as a specific tune. The ego and emotions. 

• Development of perception of energy fields and their influence on emotional states 

• Resonance and sonic pulse. Intention Healing as a specific tune. 

• The sound as a way to tune the energy field. 

• biomechanics harmonizers. Construction work sequences to align personal harmonic tuning. Expansion of the energy field of the person. 

• Activation of latent energy potential harmonizers installing biomechanics. 

 8) Couples in pregnancy


• Link with vibrational baby: consciousness essence. How to contact him. Breathing as a gateway to that dimension. 

• Wisdom and power of nature and its mysteries. 

• What happens between conception and birth. Configuring the vital power. 

• Energy Fields in the couple. His impact on the baby. 

• The voice identification as energy loving presence and guidance. Your connection to the sacred. Gestar in harmony: a happy life. 

• Sound: harmonic presence relaxation. The pacer gestate sharing. 

• Benefits of Tai Chi. 

• Fears and experiences of the father. The mother is the heroine. Contact with intuition and wisdom. Our own song: Tolba Phanem. 

• Orientation of jobs for mothers and couples. Contact vibrational. The movement and weight bearing and energy activation. The voice didgeridoos, Tibetan bowls and other instruments. Massages. 


 9) Love as a state of consciousness


• The true story of the angel of the puppeteers, story Javier Villafane. 

• integrating dimensions. Release to recognize and record. 

• Love in different religions and cultures. 

• Love as a magical fact in the healing process.  Harmony is not a state that must be reached but a dynamic awareness toward wholeness present. 

• Views, judgments. Soft look. Loving gaze. Look with the eyes of the soul is wisdom in action, that is our true identity. 

• The dogmatic forms: mental prisons. 

• The importance of forgiveness. Judging always involves violence. 

• Fear and limitations. Tai Chi and soft look. Confidence in life as light guide. The voice.

• Ego: his gifts and traps. The personality. The ego and desire. The ego and ambitions. The expression on multidimensionality. Trying to understand the ego. 

• Creative multidimensionality. The subtle dimensions in childhood. 

• The soul always expected. Love and infatuation. Love as a state of consciousness: toward the infinite-time and infinite-generating space and guiding the evolutionary process. 

• Pleasure as a state of expanded consciousness: to be at peace, feel the divinity of life, find true meaning. The light and shadows. Stations. Mantras of Tantra Yoga. 

• The beauty of genuine healer expression on his bravery. Fear of abandonment and loneliness. True beauty concept. The power of the invocation. 

• Energy irradiation through multidimensional instruments in harmonic resonance. Learning to radiate. The Tao Te Ching.



OCT 2016 - OCT 2018



(pay 50%  DEPOSIT & $250 PER WEEKEND)






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