Sonic Attunements

It is recognized that sound is the connective “tissue” between all life forms, from the crackling in quietude at the edge of the galaxy to the child that responds to sound even while in the womb. The plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and all life forms from the oceans to the cosmos are connected by one thing: sound.   So sound is perhaps the most effective tool we have access to that can aid us in communicating with all of life itself.    


Sonic Attunement

offered by Eileen Moran is a transformational, life shifting sound meditation and wellness experience. It is the interconnective blending, the synchronicity of art and science for the mind, body, and soul. These multi-sensory journeys are cultivated through the harmonizing of sound waves, the healing vibrations that emerge between human beings.

Bathe deeply in that ocean of sound vibrating within you now, as always, resonating softly, permeating the space of the heart. The ear that is tuned by rapt listening learns to hear the song of creation.
— Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras:
112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight

Sound changed and saved my life last year.

My oncologist and a number of expert specialists removed the cancer from my body, using life saving technology and innovation, but it was also the power of vibration, sound, the infusion of music that further nurtured, protected and healed my heart, my body, my mind and my soul.

Sound was and has been a powerful component in my life journey. Sonic attunements have been instrumental to my recovery and my ongoing survival.

How does sound inspire wellness in me?

The day of my surgery, I was an anxious fearful ball of emotions. I had been taking classes at the  Institute of Integrative Sound & Music Institute at the Open Center.

Now I use sound to help individuals, couples & communities.

I work with non-Western tuning systems: crystal quartz bowls, hammered Nepali singing bowls, tuning forks, a frama drum, chimes, rattles, a shruti box, steel tongue drum, wing percussion, my most finely tuned instrument for sound therapy, my voice. The culmination of these instruments and my experiences balance human biophysiology and consciousness.  I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Sound & Music Institute at the Open Center.

A little bit of the science

Through harmonic overtones, specific frequencies and vibrational medicine,  I use sound to help restore homeostasis. Through my sonic attunement sessions, I work to  shift away sensitivities to pain, and upregulate the parasympathetic system for deep relaxation. During our time together, I will work to tonify the nervous system and accelerate self healing. I do this by slowing the heart rate. We will also work to modulate neural and endocrine functioning,  increase digestive activity and further relax the muscles.

Sonic attunements stimulate our nitric oxide production  which essentially relaxes the inner muscles of our blood vessels. As our blood vessels widen, nitric oxide increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure. I use several sound techniques, to enhance cell vitality, increase vascular flow and improve stress response. This process also improves energy levels and stamina.

Sonic Attunement Offerings and Services

Sonic Attunement Offerings & Services

What you can expect from a Sonic Attunement session with Eileen Moran:

Energetic realignment of the body.

A drop out of the head & into your five senses.

Align with the sacred pulse of you.

Dissolving pain and challenge associated with your old storyline as you re-calibrate a new narrative.


and choose an experience that resonates most with your body’s vibrations.

One-on-One or Couples Rituals

  • 90 minute private 1:1 therapeutic vibroacoustic attunement

  • 120 minute couples therapeutic sound meditation & vibrational alliance

  • 180 minute sensorium experience — a full-sensory package to integrate & evolve the senses

  • 90 minute traditional, botanically-infused bath ritual — a ceremony to cleanse the body, mind & spirit

  • 90 minute Aqua Asana™ surround-sound water ceremony

Group Ceremonies

  • 120 minute Guatemalan cacao or traditional tea ceremony with sonic attunement

  • 120 minute sound salon — explorations in deep listening & sonic attunement

  • Exclusive sound meditation experiences for Rite of Passage ceremonies, including: weddings, memorials, baby showers, anniversaries

Corporate, School & Hospital

  • Integrative wellness group sound & guided meditation for patients, nurses & medical staff

  • A complement to corporate wellness initiative programming — offering one-on-one or group sound meditations for staff

  • Laboratory for instructional self-healing techniques for groups & staff

  • Guided sound meditation & sonic attunement for conferences — opening &/or closing ceremonies


Ready to Go Deeper Together?

Eileen & AoE offer 3-month exclusive customized packages for individuals & couples to a few clients every year to create the container for sustained, lasting recalibration.