MAY ‘16- MAY ‘18

Space is limited!

Please book by Friday April 29th



You will begin with an alignment of your energy with an array of musical instruments custom chosen for you and what you are looking to experience & transmute.  Then you will talk about it in that state of being so the mind releases its doubts and fears to make the foundation where we can further attune our bodies to the energetic work. We will effortlessly move from meditation , chanting , body work, visualization to develop  an  expansion of your consciousness & renewed energy.  The music will assist you to fully harmonize with your own true essence.  This will avail the transformation of your energy to create, reconfigure &  heal what is ready to be healed.  They you will move into the sacred bodywork where together you will seal this new level of energy we built, so you can get connect deeper to your power to manifest what you need to live your life in love as a state of consciousness.

Prepare to reserve 2 hours+ for your experience

Cost is $120