Cacao Ceremony & Astrology :: ♀A Venusian Unveiling♀

WOOM Center New York | October 15, 2016

Tap Into Your Bliss, Tune into Venus & Turn on Your Body with a Ceremonial Cacao Elixir from the Rainforest with Eileen Moran & Cole Lopez

Hosted by Architects of Experience, The 12th House Events & House of Magick NY

Join Eileen Moran & Cole Lopez for a very intimate evening of herbal elixirs, astrology, meditation and movement drinking Guatemalan cacao in a guided ceremonial setting where we will be calling forth each of the 12 Archetypal Expressions of Venus from the Zodiac. We will experience them through the form of our bodies by unveiling her essence through movement and dance. This will be aided with the use of plant medicines that share the same astrological frequency and bloom the heart awake. When we ingest these celestial plant bodies we start to grow that energy within. We start to breath life into that form and initiate an experiential dance with the divine feminine that pulses within each of us.