Bliss Activation Ceremonial Cacao in Soho NYC

WOOM Center New York | August 27, 2016

Activate your Bliss Chemicals and Turn on your Brain with a Ceremonial Cacao Elixir from the Rainforest.

Join us for a very special evening of music and meditation drinking Guatemalan cacao in a guided ceremonial setting where we will be seeding our intentions and engaging with the gentle and playful Spirit of Cacao.Upon returning from Lake Atitlan Guatemala where we immersed with the local cacao shaman to explore the ceremonial virtues of this drink, we are back to share this reverence and magic with you. Cacao Ceremonies are about communing in a deeper way with our Inner Beings, our Higher Selves and Source. These body and soul nourishing ceremonies help you to access what lays within, tapping into your deep truth and personal freedom. Cacao Spirit is a wonderful facilitator for this work.