Interactive Essentials in Vibrational Healing Workshop

The Alchemist's Kitchen, New York | March 31, 2016

Learn how to use Vibrational Healing to create a high vibration energy field through sound and body movement that boosts energy flow. Through a process of personal healing, healers can use this knowledge and experience to help themselves & others on their path of healing. Techniques using sound as a mobilizer of the radiant energy field open and activate creative forces oriented to expand, activate and flow with the energy. We will use body movement/dance techniques uncover the inexhaustible source of energy available to activate, nurture and enjoy life. Together, these expand perception leading to a discovery of the harmonious consciousness that lives within. It is through activating this harmonious consciousness that personal wealth, power and freedom manifest. A multidimensional vision of healing as a state of love consciousness is achieved helping us traverse our daily lives with ease and grace.

In this introductory class we will share 10 keys of Vibrational Healing that will awaken the wisdom that guides intuition, instinct and power of nature so the infinite power that dwells in our human nature is expressed fully. Learn to activate the healing energy moving through the body and out the hands. As healers, learn to guide this natural healing energy to help others. The topics are introduced with basic theory and quickly move to experiential and practical application.